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Harbor Scooters stocks and extensive inventory of parts for 49cc QMB139 4 stroke and 49cc Minerelli Jog 2 stroke engines, as well as the 150cc GY6 4 stroke engine. We are also Authorized Distributors for Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties, and GIVI Luggage. We also stock YUASA Batteries, which is OEM equipment to many larger bikes. Harbor Scooters can also obtain OEM parts for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Polaris and in most cases at a discounted price. For off brand ATV's we will do out best to locate replacement parts.

Items marked with an * could be listed first under Accessories

Additives - Kreem Fuel Tank Liner, Startron Fuel Stabilizer, High Test Octane Boost, Emergency Tire Sealant, Bike Polish

Air Filters - Stock GY6 Filters, Performance Cones,

Air Filters - Can also cut flat foam from 40PPI to 65PPI

Batteries - YUASA, an American Company, OEM equipment on many Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV's and UTV's. Sizes from YTX4L-BS to YTX24L-BS, One year warranty.
Parts Unlimited Batteries, same manufacturer, sizes from YTX4L-BS to YTX7A-BS, less cost, 6 month warranty.

Battery Accessories - Battery Tender Jr., Jumper Cables*

Bike Bags - Variety of bags that strap on to bike, or knap sack, water bottle carriers,* messenger bags.

Bike Covers - Made by DOWCO. Sized from 50cc to 600cc w/trunk. Heat shield sewn in*

Bulbs - Turn signal clear and amber, taillight, 12 different size Headlamps

CDI - Ignition box, GY6 DC, GY6 AC, QMB139 AC, 5 PIN Honda Style

Cables - Throttle for 49cc - 150cc, Rear Brake Cables

Carburetors - 49cc 2 Stroke, 49cc 4 Stroke 18mm, 49cc 4 Stroke 20mm w/accelerator pump, 150cc 4 Stroke

Cargo Nets - Red, Black, Blue*

Centrifugal Clutch - 49cc 2 Stroke, 49cc 4 Stroke, 150cc 4 Stroke Type 1 and Type 2

Coils - 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines

Drive Belts - Most are Kevlar; some are Gates Premium from 669-18-30 to 905-20-30

Exhaust - mufflers for 49cc and 150cc engines

Fuel Filters - Large for UTV's, Honda Style, Regular metal mesh, Small Clear View

Fuel Valves - Large bottom feed, Regular GY6, In tank type, fuel-sending unit for gauge

Gas Caps - Locking and regular

Gaskets - for GY6 and QMB139, Base, Head, Intake, Exhaust, and Muffler gaskets

Gloves - Men's and Ladies, ICON 29er*

Handle Bar Cuffs - the only way to strap down your bike for transport*

Helmets - Four different styles, all under $89.00, all DOT approved*

Horns - 12V only

I Tube MP3 Player - also has 4 gig hard drive to store up to 400 songs*

Intake Manifolds - for QMB139 and GY6 engines

Locks - both Cable and Rotor style, to prevent theft*

Oils and Filters - Filters for most Motorcycles and Scooters, Ams Oil in 10W40 and 20W50 100% Synthetic, 10W40 50% Synthetic, 10W40 Castrol GTX, and 2 Stroke Engine Oil

Rain Suits - High Visibility Yellow w/ reflective tape, M, LG, XL, XXL*

Starter clutch and Relay - For both QMB139 and GY6 engines

Starters - Upper Starter Motor for ATV's, 49cc Scooter, and 150cc Scooter

Stator Assemblies - 12 Pole and 8 Pole GY6, and 8 Pole QMB139

Sunglasses - Goggle type and small slim line, variety of shades*

Tie Downs - 1 ½ inch Ratchet style and 1 ½ Cam lock style*

Tires - many makes, from 3.00x10 to 150/80-16, we stock tubes as well

Trunks - 4 sizes available, we stock 2 different types of the most popular style*

For Current Pricing & Availability Call 941-347-8705